Next stable: 6.0


Main Roadmap

Next version is 5.3.2 (DEV)

Stroken = done

  • Auth features
    • Users auto-registration
    • Users auto-activation
    • Split Auth “Backend” and Auth “Front-End” plugins
  • Multi-tenancy, group & Workspaces
    • Switch the way groups and WS can see each other (see
    • Quota Management: we should be able to use groups as main “tenant”, and as such, assign a quota to a group, that can be split by the group admin to the users of the groups. Quota would thus be checked first against a user quota, and then the group quota (by summing all workspaces of this group, no matter the actual owner of the workspace). This would avoid having to check for a given workspace who is the parent’s parent’s parent’s […] owner.
    • Number of users limitation: in a group-based multi-tenancy environments, could be also nice to limit the number of authorized users per group. Would apply to group-admins creating users, and to normal users creating shared users.
  • Sharing
    • Generate a share page with a view embeded (img/video)
    • Add expiration date on Minisite
  • Uploaders
    • Re-work to add the ability to select the uploaders on the fly
  • Downloads
  • Analytics
    • Add a nice analytics dashboard – Use the already published SQL queries + DimpleJS ( = overlay on top of D3js).
  • Snaphsots
    • Write a generic interface to various snapshoting file systems : ZFS / LVM
  • Backup Tools
    • Easy way to export / import all configuration data,  = everything except data.

Mobile Apps

  • Most rated : ability to leave empty credentials in the server and prompt for credentials on each login.

Current dev: 5.1.0

Stroken = done

  • Auth features
    • User home page
    • Forgotten passwords
    • Expand user creation at share time: set email and user full name, password auto-generation, send email.
    • Disable remember-me and auto-complete in login
  • Coding
    • Implement code style and php-cs-fixer
  • Sharing
    • Share many files (download basket)
    • Share a file with many links
    • Rework share panels layouts
  • Meta-data expansion
    • More easily define user metadata fields
    • Comments feed
  • Search & Indexation:
    • Lucene alternatives: elasticsearch POC
    • Faceted search
    • Saved search
    • Download search result as a whole
  • Editors
    • Implement Tabs


Please post your ideas (or vote UP if they are already posted) in the Features Request forum topic.