Next stable: 6.2.0

Last Updated: April 13th, 2015

Core Roadmap

Files management & plugins

  • Big files management: more “background task” w/ monitoring
  • Indexing : retest and finish the elasticsearch plugin
  • Etherpad-lite: retest and finish > 6.0.6
  • Metadata fields: real “tag cloud” field (with auto-complete existing tags) > 6.0.6
  • Return of “Cart” feature: select a set of files to create a minisite
  • Share a file internally: share a file like sharing a folder as workspace. “Shared with me” workspace?
  • Ability to create folders in the Copy/Move dialog
  • Restoring deleted files in non-existing folders (re-create folder tree?)
  • Copy/Paste features: button to copy sharing URLs in clipboard / Ctrl+V support for uploading files (?)
  • Downloads : nice idea by fredkilbourn: configure a subdomain for downloading, makes it lighter for the browser (maximum parallel connections). May be also merged with a “direct download from storage” feature, e.g. for restfull storages?

Storage Drivers

  • Ceph via phprados (direct access)
  • Swift via opencloud (alternative SDK)

Data security

  • On-the-fly encryption
  • In-house versioning (to replace git)
  • Rewrite layouts for full HA setup, including 3 nodes for DB cluster
  • Automatic documents locking?
  • Group & Workspaces
    • Switch the way groups and WS can see each other (see
    • Quota Management: we should be able to use groups as main “tenant”, and as such, assign a quota to a group, that can be split by the group admin to the users of the groups. Quota would thus be checked first against a user quota, and then the group quota (by summing all workspaces of this group, no matter the actual owner of the workspace). This would avoid having to check for a given workspace who is the parent’s parent’s parent’s […] owner.
    • Number of users limitation: in a group-based multi-tenancy environments, could be also nice to limit the number of authorized users per group. Would apply to group-admins creating users, and to normal users creating shared users.
  •  Snaphsots
    • Write a generic interface to various snapshoting file systems : ZFS / LVM
  • Backup Tools
    • Easy way to export / import all configuration data,  = everything except data.

Access security

  • Manage users & groups & roles
  • Better visualization of who access what
  • Analytics Dashboard: improve, better performances
  • Mobiles: Log devices connected
  • In-house 2FA solution (using SMS or our mobile apps)

Viewers / Editors

  • Multimedia suite: ffmpeg pregeneration of streamable mp4 previews for all videos

Email interfacing

  • Review state of Thunderbird plugin


  • Embed Nginx & IIS config files for easier RewriteRules
  • App Hub – Package appliance for more VM engines
  • Linux repositories : DB upgrade support
  • Linux repositories: change repositories URL to (currently
  • Update site: change URL to eventually move update server to a new server
  • One-click install on clouds


  • Server watchdog: solution for modifs done directly on the storage (outside of pydio)

Software Lifecycle

  • Unit Testing
  • API Testing
  • Code Style rules
  • Switch theming to Sass?

Mobile Apps

  • We are currently reworking our mobile apps from scratch, both for Android & iOS. Stay tuned!
  • Most rated : ability to leave empty credentials in the server and prompt for credentials on each login.

Please post your ideas (or vote UP if they are already posted) in the Features Request forum topic.