This API is generated automatically from the core plugins which declare the restParams attributes for the serverCallbacks. It can be accessed in various ways:
  • Provided SDKs (javascript, java, ios): Session-based authentication, then each action can be triggered using an HTTP query providing at least the get_action parameter. Url generally looks like:

  • Command Line Access: Trigger the action directly using PHP CLI, through the cmd.php access point located at the root of the installation folder. Standard call would look like
    $ php cmd.php -u=username -p=password -r=workspaceIdOrAlias -a=actionName --param1=value1 --param2=value2

  • REST Access point: Uncomment the rest.php file first lines to make it active, then all actions are triggered starting with a repository id or alias, then action name. For this reason, here the actions are all written using the following url:
    In this doc the default repository is default (=Common Files). For ajxp_conf driver which is adressing all administrations tasks (users, workspaces, roles admin) we user the ajxp_conf workspace (=Settings).