AjaXplorer/Pydio Core 5.0.4 released


This release fixes detected vulnerabilities and some bugs from v5.0.4. Upgrade is highly recommended. It is automatic, using the in-app upgrade mechanism or the Linux package managers. Thanks to Craig and Jesus for reporting the vulnerabilities.

This is the first official release under the new Pydio name. The various download repositories (update, sourceforge, linux repositories, etc) will be duplicated in the future (ajaxplorer-core / pydio-core) to ensure upgrade compatibility.

[Edit Oct. 14th] An error slipped in the first release, if you have updated between 13th and 14th Oct., you may have an error “AJXP_Logger::info() method does not exists” during upload. Make sure to get the plugins/conf.sql/class.AJXP_SqlUser.php from the new package.

See detailed changelog below


  • License : Affero GPL
  • Copyright : Charles du Jeu 2013
  • Version number : 5.0.4 Please see 5.0.0 release note if you are not already familiar with this version!
  • Download Core : ajaxplorer-core-5.0.4.zip or ajaxplorer-core-5.0.4.tar.gz
  • Linux packages are available in the ‘stable’ channel.
  • Upgrade : upgrade is automatic from 5.0.3
  • Demo : https://demo.pyd.io/
  • Security experts: Craig Arendt, Jesus Perez
  • Contributor(s) : thomasCresson, echampet, joubertredrat, BlackLionPT
  • Requirement : php5.3 and upper

Detailed changeLog

  • Implement WebDAV Basic authentication the same way as Digest. (cherry picked from commit 94b0607) (details)
  • Rebranding (cherry picked from commit ee7512b) (details)
  • Massive rebranding (details)
  • Fix 281: If no group label is provided, use group name. (details)
  • Fix #285 download limit broken (details)
  • UID parameter added to the ftp plugin allows now users to have less permissions failures. Permissions definition for ftp and sftp fixed in AbstractAccessDriver. (details)
  • Make custom sort function to make sure users are sorted (fix #279) (details)
  • Fix CLIENT_SESSION_TIMEOUT legend (infinite value is -1, not 0). Force value to -1 when session is AjaXplorer_Shared, should fix #272 (details)
  • Refix remote sorting that was broken. Implement it in FS for paginated case (standard attributes only, not metadata) (details)
  • Do not create group with empty name. (details)
  • Fix dead link to the F.A.Q. concerning the server charset encoding check warning (details)
  • Shared users: inherit parent personal parameters if specifically marked as inherit (quota params only for the moment) (details)
  • Permit administrator to disable WebDAV on individual repositories. This is necessary for repositories that depend on session credentials because clients such as Windows default WebDAV do not use sessions. (details)
  • Ellipsis is handled by CSS, it degraded performances for Details view. (details)
  • Minisite: remove the inlineToolbar, it creates big performances problems, we have to find an alternative for that in the mobile GUI as well. (details)
  • Fix applied hooks in FTP driver, were sending “file deleted” instead of “file created”… (details)
  • ON DUPLICATE KEY not supported by sqlite (details)
  • Add office templates to the list of supported extensions. (details)
  • Use preg_match_callback for php version compatibility. (details)
  • Use count(*) (details)
  • Missing [ on groupPath (details)
  • Use COUNT(*) instead of counting the number of returned values (details)
  • Do no reinvent dibi (use (%s)) (details)
  • Delete from [ajxp_user_rights] only for the current user (add [login] in where clause) Also use more dibi (use (%s)) (details)
  • Fix floating “No Results Found” in the search engine. (cherry picked from commit 7adbae5) (details)
  • inferOptionsFromParent is a boolean (details)
  • Update class.FilesystemMounter.php (details)
  • Skip deleted user – avoid missing arguments on share (details)
  • Fix selected list item color in auto-completer (details)
  • Add “Go Pro” button in the Admin panel. (cherry picked from commit 7f6fc83) (details)
  • Fix node listeners just after upload (details)
  • Update zoho-agent with a key. (cherry picked from commit 1cdbca8) (details)
  • Typo in option (cherry picked from commit 7657902) (details)
  • Fix splitter init / Update Modernizr library (details)
  • Update i18n (details)
  • Missing comma (details)
  • Last js/css compile (details)
  • Boot compile (details)
  • Fix in_array() error in ldap driver (details)
  • Deport authorization check in the nodeleaf put() method. (details)
  • AjaXplorer hunting (details)
  • Commit RewriteBase with htaccess set to / (details)
  • Pydio build (details)
  • AjaXplorer occurences in installer (details)

8 Responses to “AjaXplorer/Pydio Core 5.0.4 released”

  1. Profile photo of Ryan Reply Ryan

    Just upgraded to 5.0.4 without any issues on the build. Forgot to do it on the dev environment so it blew away my CSS but otherwise good. Nice work gents!

  2. Reply Jeremy

    We are using the rpm installation method for Ajax/Pydio. We currently are using the Ajaxplorer rpm. How do we do an upgrade to the new pydio rpm version? As all the paths are now pydio and the rpm name is different, how do we transition to the new package and have the upgrade performed etc?

    • Profile photo of charles Reply charles

      jeremy, the ajaplorer packages are all maintained, so you should be able to update ajaxplorer, you don’t need to switch to the pydio channels.

  3. Profile photo of Preston Reply Preston

    How do I upgrade from Ajax 5.0.2 to 5.0.4 without losing files and CMS? There is no auto upgrade option. Thank you.

  4. Reply Timothy

    I see the “Upgrade 1” selection next to Administrator on my v5.0.3 install, but when I click on it and click on “Check for available updates” the traveling boxes above work for a few seconds, and then it goes away and the system is not upgraded to 5.0.4.

    Could I be looking at the wrong <> and where is that configuration?

  5. Profile photo of charles Reply charles

    same as above, are you sure that the Update Center is correctly configured? See Global Options > Plugins > Action > Update Center

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