AjaXplorer becomes Pydio!

Fellow community members,

I am glad to announce a new start for AjaXplorer. After five years of intense development, releasing version 5 triggered a great acceleration for the project during the past few months. You sent a lot of feedbacks and opinions, and this was an essential drive for the new stuff we announce today.

So what is ajaXplorer reload about?

  • A new name: Pydio, as Put Your Data In Orbit! Both names will definitely co-exist during a couple of months, and ultimately https://pyd.io/ will at one point be rerouted to https://pyd.io/
  • A clear mission: allow anyone to build an enterprise box, secure and private, on his own servers or private cloud.
  • A commercial offering: many of you in the enterprise world, open source without support is a clear no-go for production applications. We have it now! See https://pydio.com/ to learn more about it. Feedback is welcome, as always.

But moreover, this reboot is the opportunity for us to renew our commitment to open source. The community has been contributing code, testing, bug reports, translations, and we assure you that you will always be able to use a non-crippleware product, including cutting-edge features, for free.

As of today, the mobile applications will also turn free, and we will publish their code as soon as possible (legal issues must be secured to fit Apple Store rules).

I really hope that you are as thrilled as we are, and that you will jump on board, to write this new page with us.


Charles du Jeu

26 Responses to “AjaXplorer becomes Pydio!”

  1. Reply Paul


    Have been using your AjaXplorer for many years now and it’s been really useful.
    Congratulation on the change as I know it must be a real feeling of moving forwards with it.
    v5.03 is fantastic and is a joy to use – the new layout is great.

    Thanks again for your work so far!

    • Profile photo of charles Reply charles

      Victor, are you locked out with your PIN code? You have to reinstall from scratch, sorry about that, but that the side effect of the App Transfer. or switch directly to the Pydio app.

  2. Profile photo of thomdon Reply thomdon

    Pydio…. I love your work, Charles, I think Ajaxplorer is a truly amazing platform but….Pydio? Really? I don’t mind the idea of rebranding, but Pydio just sounds wrong.
    My colleagues and I are fairly normal people, but the first thing that came to mind when we read the news was ‘paedo’….

    • Profile photo of charles Reply charles

      Well… One has to choose a name at one point, and I can guarantee you that we could not conquer the world with AjaXplorer… :-). I don’t understand you reference to “paedo”, what does it mean?

        • Profile photo of haxored Reply haxored

          Charles, don’t mind this guy’s comment. He is trolling you. The only thing wrong with Pydio is that it sounds like a python project. It does not sound like “paedo,” and the only people that think so are creeps. Congrats on the success. Long live Pydio/Ajaxplorer.

          • Joel Davis

            No the issue is with the pronunciation, which definitely sounds like that. Charles is saying the official pronunciation is “pee-dio” which is one short vowel sound away from “pee-do” aka “pedo”. Like I was saying in my other comments, pie-de-oh is probably a good pronunciation to get around that. Written down it doesn’t look like that, but if that’s how it’s spoken, that’s how English speakers are going to hear it.

          • Joel Davis

            As for the “creeps” that occurred to the other poster, he says it sounds like that to his co-workers, it occurred to me like that, and when I was telling my co-workers the new name (without any telling context) they immediately saw what I was talking about. Either we all have sick minds or that really is how it sounds when you say it.

          • Profile photo of charles charles

            Let’s python-pronounce it then :) I think the “Pie” would actually be the normal pronounciation for a “p-y”.

          • Profile photo of charles charles

            wow wow wow, joel / haxored, please no angry debates on that, it’s just a name. Joel, are you ok with the “Pie-di-oh” way?

          • Profile photo of thomdon thomdon

            @haxored: i’m not a creep, I was merely making a comment, and the fact you have a different opinion doesn’t make me a troll!

  3. Profile photo of Ryan Reply Ryan

    Big congrats Charles! I haven’t been on Pydio for long at this point (couple months now) but am really enjoying the experience. What you’ve done for the open source community and web tech in general is significant. Cheers to the years to come on a great platform!

    • Reply Joel Davis

      I would second the notion that you probably don’t want to pronounce it “Peedio” because that’s way too close to “Pedo” (alternatively “Paedo”) which in English-speaking countries is usually how people shorten the word “Pedophile” which is probably not the imagery you’re intended to project. Rarely do people say the whole word, so the most common way to phrase the love of children is “pedo”.

  4. Reply Joel Davis

    I repeated the word “Pie-dee-oh” a few times to myself and it doesn’t sound like anything untoward. That might be a non-suggestive alternative (if the other pronunciation is an issue for you guys). It might make it sound like it’s based on Python (since that’s close to their naming convention) but it might be preferable in this case.

  5. Reply John

    Hey Charles, I have used the system for a while now and its fantastic, I’m stuglling upgrading from an older version to 5.x.x do you offer paid service to upgrade?

    I can install easy, and transfer the files quickly, its the repositories I can’t seem to figure out.

  6. Reply Nag

    Congratulation Charles :-), it’s been really useful and if you could implement workflows in this will be a big achievement.

  7. Reply Appero

    Hi Charles,

    First of all, congratulations. I admire your work and all the things that your are doing for the open source community.

    In the new you said that: “the mobile applications will also turn free, and we will publish their code as soon as possible”. So, my question is: Do you know when you might publish the code of Android App and iOS app of Pydio?

    Thanks in advance, and best regards.

    • Profile photo of charles Reply charles

      See my answer on your email. Basicallly a matter of time and priorities, and fixing licensing issues… But will come for sure.

  8. Reply Richardauerbach@charter.net

    Server agapanthus.dreamhost.com
    Username ricaue

    These are entered but I get a timed out error on the iPad or mobile app. I was never able to use the old app either for the same reason. Advice?

  9. Reply Rick

    I enter my server, agapanthus.dreamhost.com, my username and password but get a timed out error every time… Even with the old ajaxplorer I had the same error… Only with the mobile ipad app.

  10. Reply JT

    Where is the ANDROID client Source Code? (or iOS code?)
    If you’re not keeping it ‘closed’ it sure is difficult to find.

    I see someone asked for this already over 8 Months ago??

    A-GPL vs GPLv2 or GPLv3 ok maybe we can live with if all actual code is provided especially as you claim a strong and renewed ‘commitment to open source’.

    Looking forward to links to Android and/or iOS source code repositories. Thanks!

    • Profile photo of charles Reply charles

      hi JT
      sorry we are a bit struggling to find some time. Our app code still has some specific customer data that we want to clean out before publishing. We’ll do our best.. FYI the java SDK that is used for this app is already available on github, maybe you can start with that? What do you want to do exactly?

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