cells-enterprise tools completion

./cells-enterprise tools completion

Add auto-completion helper to Cells



Install completion helper for Pydio Cells. This command installs an additional plugin to provide suggestions when working with the Cells CLI and hitting the 'tab' key.

./cells-enterprise tools completion [flags]


1) Using Bash On Linux, you must insure the 'bash-completion' library is installed: on Debian / Ubuntu sudo apt install bash-completion on RHEL / CentOS sudo yum install bash-completion on MacOS (make sure to follow the instructions displayed on Homebrew) brew install bash-completion Then, to enable completion in your current session: source <(./cells-enterprise completion bash) Or persistently: Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS ./cells-enterprise completion bash | sudo tee /etc/bash_completion.d/cells macOS ./cells-enterprise completion bash | tee /usr/local/etc/bash_completion.d/cells 2) Using Zsh Add to current zsh session: source <(./cells-enterprise completion zsh) Add persistently: ./cells-enterprise completion zsh | sudo tee <path>/<to>/<your-zsh-completion-folder> On macOS ./cells-enterprise completion zsh | tee /Users/<your current user>/.zsh/completion/_cells


  -h, --help   help for completion

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