cec configure client-auth

Connect to the server directly using the Client Credentials


Launch an interactive process to gather necessary client information to configure a connection to a running Pydio Cells server instance.

You must use a valid userName/password with enough permissions to achieve what you want on the server.

Please beware that this sensitive information will be stored in clear text if you do not have a correctly configured and running keyring on your client machine.

You can also go through the whole process in a non-interactive manner by using the provided flags.

./cec configure client-auth [flags]


  -h, --help              help for client-auth
  -l, --login string      User login
  -p, --password string   User password
      --skipVerify        Skip SSL certificate verification (not recommended)
  -u, --url string        HTTP URL to server

Options inherited from parent commands

  -c, --config string   Path to the configuration file
      --no-keyring      Explicitly tell the tool to *NOT* try to use a keyring. Only use this flag if you really know what your are doing: some sensitive information will end up stored on your file system in clear text.


  • ./cec configure - Configure a connection to a running server and locally persist credentials for later use
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