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    I have a problem with the visualization of the thumbnails of the high dimension images.
    I installed also the new version of Ajaxplorer (actually ver 2.4), but I did not solve my problem that now I will describe.
    When I upload images that have lot of points, for example an image 2500×3000 px, ajaxeplorer is not able to create the thumb and is not able to visualize the preview in the left vertical bar of the interface too.
    When this problem happens, the rest of the thumbnails in the folder will not be loaded left.
    There is another strange fact: in those case the image result to be rotated of 90° from the original so an image as the example below that is 2500×3000 pixels result to be 3000×2500. How can I solve this problem or bug?
    Please help me, it’s a very big problem for me!
    Best regards
    Vittorio Spina (italy)

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    Please perform a search in the forum before creating a new topic.
    This is a configuration issue, set your PHP memory to a larger size. Even then, it could fail as PHP graphic library has limitations.
    We can’t figure this out automatically (as knowning the file size requires opening it, hence requires the picture in memory).

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    Hello guys,
    I still have the same problem. I have already raised the memory limit with no success. On another hoster ajaxplorer is able to show thumbnails and the preview image in the left bar with even lower limitation to memory.
    Is there anything else I can try? E.g. let imagemagick create the thumnails?
    This is a really critical issue to me since the main purpose installing ajaxplorer was to upload my images.
    Can a developer take a look at my server? I can PM my login data.

    Thanks again for your help.


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    hi masothu, if you have a “reference” hoster, i would suggest trying to post as many info as possible about the servers differences : OS, PHP versions, etc… Can you have a phpinfo() on both sides?

    Charles, Pydio author - doing my best to help !
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    Hey Charles,
    sorry for the late reply. I was on vacation the last days.
    My problem is kind of solved. My brother and I have moved already to another hosting service and now everything seems to work although I still have to do some testing.
    I’m still curious what the problem was with the old hoster but the account is already deactivated and therefore I can’t get a phpinfo().


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