Pydio Enterprise Distribution Features

Pydio Enterprise Distribution has all of the Community Edition features you want, plus the added advanced features you need to run your business smoothly.

Advanced Administration Dashboard

Pydio Enterprise Distribution has an overhauled administration experience.

Dashboard Overview

Monitor your file sharing and sync activity in real-time dashboard with KPIs at your fingertips.


Drag & drop the reports to organize the dashboard to display what is important to you.

Build your own widget

Create custom reports by duration, KPI or features with the widget builder.

Advanced User Management

Managing your users has never been easier -- even for large, complex organizational structures.

Advanced Authentication

Connect to your authentication system effortlessly with the advanced integration tool & the Pydio Companion to test your configuration.

Granular Permissions Controls

Control the permissions within workspaces on folders within the workspace. Your users can see and edit only what you allow them.

Selective Plugin Activation

Customize Pydio Enterprise Distribution for your users based on their roles. Use this tool to set quotas, security parameters or more...

Advanced Security Parameters

Advanced Security parameters assure that your company's most sensitive data is protected.

Kill Active Sessions

Eliminate any potential intruders and remotely manage your solution using the Active Kill Session tool.

Complete Server Logs

Identify and manage any suspicious activity on your solution using the Server Log.

Administrate on-the-go

This interface is 100% mobile-friendly. Change a permission or just check your dashboard on your mobile or tablet.

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