Pydio for Consulting Firms

Whether you are technical studies engineers, strategy consultants or IT experts, your core value often resides in documents you produce. Pydio Cells helps you co-creating this data and sharing it with your clients securely and easily, while keeping control and ownership of your files.

Thanks to its unique "Workspace" approach, Pydio is a powerful Project-based File Sharing Platform

Share your files easily with your clients and partners. Any types of files, any size (up to 5TB per file).

Drive real-time collaboration between project members using metadata, comments and media annotations.

Security by design : your data is kept safe on your storage, all accesses are finely controlled and auditable, notifications keep you alerted of the usage.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

We care what our customers think of us and so should you. We are partners in your business and your success is ours.
We are using Pydio since many years (I remember the first installation of Ajaxplorer), and your solution has always met our needs in term of easy using for the final user and of security. Today we need to have about more than ten Pydio instances and they are at the heart of our data exchanges with our customers. Moreover, the subject of GDPR has strengthened our desire to control our data and Pydio responds very well to this problem.
Jeremy Godefroy
Deputy IT Manager Interpublic Group

Use your own branded filesharing platform

Install Pydio Cells on your own server and customize it to your brand. Invite your clients to “” with your own logos and welcome messages.

Pydio unique "Cells" approach makes it easy to classify your data: create one workspace/cells per project, and/or one workspace per client, according to your needs and to the specificities of the projects.

Pydio Cells native applications for mobile devices (iOS/Android) gives you access to your files from anywhere, at anytime.

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Collaborate with all your clients and partners

Your customers proofread and validate deliverables easily. Just share links to your drafts/rushes in one-click, and let people preview them directly in their web browser without requiring any download (image previews/video streaming).

Use metadata to tag any files with keywords to help you keep track of your data, get feedbacks and comments, and annotate images and videos directly online for a fluid collaboration workflow.

Protect shares by a password, or limit the number of downloads if you want to make sure that confidential materials are not spread outside the project team. Get alerted when shares are accessed.

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Easy administration and full control of your data

Administrate your users in a very detailed and powerful way. Within a specific workspace dedicated to one project, each user can be granted different levels of rights according to his role in the project, confidentiality, etc...

Assign these accesses to individuals or groups, but you can also create Roles, which are a set of transverse right accesses, and then assign one or more roles to your users.

Easily monitor who accesses what and when, and restrict access or uploads, according to projects / users / groups.

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Your data is securely managed

Check the usage flow with automatic sorting of multiple-revision documents, user-activity reports, email notifications regarding room content changes, and assignment of level and duration of access to each file for each person

Decide and control where your data is stored and benefit from security features such as data encryption, intrusion prevention (you can interrupt any suspicious session), access-rights management (password protected shares)

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