Pydio provides thousands of companies with his enterprise file sharing software, hosted on their private servers or cloud. Based on a flexible architecture, Pydio can be adapted and customized to a various range of industries to meet your unique needs. You can be sure that your data will be shared securely according to your own security rules.
Transparent Background: 
Media & Communication Agencies
Use your own branded file sharing platform with your teams, clients and subcontractors.
Hospitals & Healthcare Institutions
Use Pydio as a filesharing building bloc inside your existing workflow
Insert Pydio Cells and its advanced automation capacities inside your business processes.
Legal & Financial Services
Build your own document repository for confidential data.
Architecture & Construction Industry
Use Pydio to upload, share and collaborate on large files
Consulting firms
Core value to your business, your files are securely shared with your collaborators and clients.
Retail & Consumer Goods
Increase the efficiency of your processes for all channels
Education & Academic Institutions
Use Pydio to secure sharing of student records, staff information and research data
Government & Public Sector
Use Pydio as a cross-department and inter-agency filesharing platform.