Pydio 8 Overview

Pydio latest release provides a host of improvements in terms of UX, as well as new sharing features, with a strong focus on ease-of-use and simplicity. Get a brief overview of what's new on this page, or contact us to learn more!



  • Pydio 8 Web Interface has been fully rewritten, and is now entirely based on Google’s Material Design principles.

  • The User Landing Page has been redesigned, with a central panel displaying recently accessed data, and the right panel displaying several customizable widgets.

  • Thanks to the use of front-end advanced technologies, the new user interface brings more fluidity and comfort to end users.


  • Pydio 8 includes EasyTransfer, a new, intuitive “upload-and-share” web interface for organisations in need of a very simple sharing tool.

  • EasyTransfer allows users to instantly share all types of documents with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

  • This gives organisations an out-of-the-box, web-based tool for internal and external file sharing and collaboration, while maintaining data security, ownership, rights-based access and complete control



  • The full UI rewrite with advanced front-end technologies dramatically simplifies the ability to rebrand the Pydio user-interface

  • Included in the Enterprise Distribution, the new “Vanitizer” tool brings a consistent management of colors, images and backgrounds.

  • It allows corporate users to easily white-label Pydio as their own branded file sharing solution.



  • Pydio 8 provides end users with the ability to track all documents they have shared

  • When creating a public link, it is now possible to activate a tracking option for your share

  • Just send a single link to many different people and track exactly who accessed it, how many times, etc...



  • The overhaul of the Address-Book design and functionality now allows end users to create designated teams in order to share files with only a specific group of colleagues / external partners. 

  • User-generated teams offer granular role-based controls, with the ability to share files in one click

  • It is also easy to update team permissions and participants. New rules are automatically applied to existing shared content.


User Shares Dashboard

A new dashboard presents key figures for each worksapce, showing how many files are shared, with how many people...

Admin Shares Explorer*

Thanks to the new Shares Explorer, auditing the platform's activity is easier and quicker, allowing fast and painless creation of activity reports

Spot and address anomalies

These features give users and admins a complete overview to quickly correct any problem, by disabling shares or interrupting suspicious sessions


New Install Wizard

Our installation companion is entirely redesigned. Testing your configuration when installing Pydio is easier and quicker


Easier Navigation

Thanks to new icons and colors it is now easier to navigate inside the Admin menu and a search engine allows to quickly find any Admin parameter

CSV Import*

Pydio 8 includes a new Admin feature to quickly and easily upload external users in a simple CSV format

Easier Support Diagnostic

Corporate customers can copy the various parameters of their Pydio installation in just one click and send it to our support Team for quicker investigation et problem solving

Trusted Servers

You can now create a list of trusted Pydio servers for Federated Sharing, and automatically access user directories of other trusted instances when sharing files

New Community Dashboard

The Admin Community Dashboard has been given a complete overhaul, including many more features and reaffirming Pydio’s commitment to offer a full, workable open source solution to its community members

*Advanced features included in the Enterprise Distribution only, contact us for more information