Pydio Pricing

We offer you two main options to enjoy Pydio:

The supported community version, that covers basic needs and ensures you that your installation will remain up-to-date. Our Enterprise Distribution, which suits both small and large deployments and offers all of Pydio's features, a high level of control and our configuration tips to ensure you get the most of Pydio and your hardware.




Licensed under EULA


Time-based Level 3 support

Non branded, paid Apps

Free Pre-configured Pro Apps

Fully Branded and Customized 
Mobile Apps

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Activity feed and notifications

Versioning and undelete


White-labeled web application with your logo and color

SMTP server connection

Pre-configured Desktop Sync App
(Mac, PC & Linux)

Secured Update Engine

Quick Restoration plan/Backup

Custom Plugin Development

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Premium Remote Connection Support

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Sharepoint (via OneDrive for Business API)

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File Gateway

Free Software

Contact us for an OEM support contract

or an Open Serenity contract

Starter Pack 50 users : 2480€/year

Up to 100 users: 4750€/year

Volume discounts on request

FAQ - Licensing & Pricing

What is a Pydio user ?

A user is defined as any individual who is authorized to access your system and who has been given a unique user name or identifier (regardless of whether the user has used those credentials to access the Software). No more than one individual may use an issued user name or identifier. In order to maintain control over the total number of users in your system, you may limit the number of shared users to be created in the administration panel of the system, or you can share the folder/file as a public link and password protect it.

Which version of Pydio should I use ?

You are free to use the version you prefer. If you are a business and need advanced security and reporting, we recommend the use of the Enterprise Distribution. If you have time, and like to tweak source code, you are more than welcome to use our Community Edition, and contribute your developments.

Can I use Pydio to build my own software and not contribute back my own code ?

Yes, you can, but you will need to sign an OEM / private licensing agreement.

Can I use Pydio Enterprise Distribution for free ?

You can install our 30 days trial and use it for free for 30 days for a maximum of 200 users. You can alternatively use our free Community Edition.

As a hosting service provider, I would like to offer a hosted file sharing service to my customers. How can I do it ?

We do offer 2 main options for service providers. You can subscribe to a Service Provider License Agreement (starting at 20000€ per year), or you can provide our trial of Pydio Enterprise Distribution for your customers. They'll be able to open an account on and request their trial license.

Do you offer educational pricing ?

We do provide educational pricing for over 1000 users. Please contact our sales team.

Do you provide discounts for multi-year agreements?

We do not offer multi-year contracts because we want our customers to have the flexibility to decide how best to move forward.

Can you do custom development of Pydio plugins ?

We can do custom development for our enterprise customers. You can choose to contribute the code or keep it private. If you want to keep it private, you will be charged for yearly maintenance.