Securely Managed & Under Control

Your files fuel your business and are some of your most valuable assets. Pydio helps assure that you can grant access to your files from all cross of devices while enforcing your security rules and compliance policies.

Front End Security

Every organization has their own unique policy about what security best practices they need to include in order to protect their company's vital data. With Pydio, making sure that our solution respects your existing policies is made easy.

- Impose security parameter settings on when sharing files
- Rich access control management
- Connect & map existing directories (LDAP/AD/SAML*)
- Multiple-factor authentication


Every system administrator knows that overseeing all the activity on a file system can quickly get overwhelming. With Pydio, keeping track of all the activity and controlling unwanted actions is made easy.

- Dashboard*
- Real-time Reports*
- List connected Users & Kill live sessions*
- Learn more about all of the advanced features

Back End Security

Every company must decide what infrastructure best meets their unique business needs. Connecting a compatible, secure solution to facilitate the sharing of the data on that infrastructure is made easy with Pydio.

- Pydio is hosted on your own infrastructure of choice
- Open Source Code
- Continuously audited for security from an active community of thousands of companies worldwide
- Regularly updated for the latest patches, quick fixes with the Update Engine*
- High Availability Setup - Secure data
- Quick Restoration Plan

Professional Support*

Every system administrator can run into a configuration issue or technical problem from time to time even on the best solution. Pydio can help you rest easy knowing that our team of expert engineers is available to help support your system.

Requirement: Post-production, Level 3 support, with rapid workarounds when an incident is logged.
Solution: Level 3 support, unlimited incidents during the course of a valid subscription for customers of our Enterprise Distribution of Pydio:

- Support and bug-tracking via the Enterprise Customer Dashboard
- FAQ to solve typical issues and incidents (web),
- Ticketing for incident management (basic / mid)
- Unlimited incidents during the course of a valid subscription (reasonable use),
- Guaranteed response time (6 hours, 9:30 - 17:30, 5x7, business days),
- Guaranteed diagnosis time (3 business days),
- Guaranteed workaround time (10 business days).
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*Advanced features included in the Enterprise Distribution only, contact us for more information