Scalable & Reliable

Pydio relies on a proven ecosystem of standards used by the biggest names in the Tech industry. At all levels of its architecture, our product is designed to bear heavy loads of data while maintaining a high level of performance and control

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A robust and flexible micro-service architecture

Each aspect of the application is split into series of logical micro-services.

Each service runs independently and is allocated its own storage and persistence, allowing them to be scaled independently.

For low-level services, Pydio relies on standards that have proven their fiability : NATS Register, Open ID Connect & JWT, Open API, Activity Streams...

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Scale Pydio Cells to your needs

Performance analysis tools prevent bottlenecks : Cells provides log parsing tools to allow admins to quickly identify the most used services, so they can scale them and restart them when necessary.

Pydio's architecture is designed to automatically load balance services when they have been scaled to face a charge increase.

It is therefore easy to determine a reference architecture that fits your present needs and to adapt your infrastructure to your future needs.

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High performances and background tasks

Pydio Cells is developed in Go, a modern server language created by Google. It ships as a dependency-free compile binary for all major platforms.

Built for instant collaboration, Cells provides realtime chats, alerts and notifications as well as interface updates.

A lot of tasks are automatically handled in an background, resulting into a powerful and smooth interface, showing notifications when a background task is completed

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Enterprise Support*

Pydio can help you rest easy knowing that our team of expert engineers is available to help support your system.

We provide post-production, Level 3 support, with rapid workarounds when an incident is logged during the course of a valid subscription for customers of our Enterprise Distribution of Pydio:

  • Support and bug-tracking via the Enterprise Customer Dashboard
  • Unlimited incidents during the course of a valid subscription (reasonable use),
  • Guaranteed response time (6 hours, 9:30 - 17:30, 5x7, business days),
  • Guaranteed diagnosis time (3 business days),
  • Guaranteed workaround time (10 business days).

We also can provide additional support package (Premium remote support) that covers remote installation, migration, upgrades, performance optimizations and custom code debugging.

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* Some features are only available in Pydio Cells Enterprise Distribution, please contact us for more information

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