Pydio 8 vs Pydio Cells

Which version should I install?

We strongly encourage you to bootstrap any new project with Pydio Cells, as we will only provide fixes for security for Pydio 8 in the future but no new features.

This list is not a comprehensive list of features but highlights the differences between our two products.

Transparent Background: 
Transparent Background: 

Pydio 8

Pydio Cells

Deployment / Requirements

  • On-Premises / OVF / Docker
  • LAMP Stack 
  • On-Premises / OVF / Docker
  • Linux / Mac OS - Windows Servers not supported yet
  • Micro-services for endless scalability

Access via

  • Web UX
  • Mobile: Android / iOS
  • Desktop : Pydio Sync
  • WebDAV mount
  • Web UX
  • Mobile: Android / iOS
  • PydioSync (not supported yet)
  • WebDAV mount (Read only)

Security / Compliance

  • Role-based ACLs
  • Basic Logs
  • Groups mutual exclusion
  • Dual-Factor Auth
  • Role-based ACLs
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Shares & Logs Auditing Tools
  • Security Policies
  • Dual Factor Auth
  • Encryption at rest built-in
  • Advanced visibility permissions for users, cells, and links
  • Groups mutual exclusion (not yet)

Authentication / SSO

  • AD / LDAP
  • Storage Authentication: SMB / FTP
  • Radius
  • SAML
  • PHP CMS Bridges
  • AD / LDAP (Enterprise Only)
  • SAML (Not supported yet)
  • Not supported: SMB / FTP WebAuth, Radius, CMS Bridges

Storages Connectors

  • Local FS
  • S3 Object
  • WebDAV server
  • Samba with dynamic auth
  • FTP server
  • Onedrive
  • Local FS
  • S3: AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Objects, and compatible S3 On-premises software
  • Other storages supported via local server mount, no dynamic auth


  • Archive: zip support
  • Collaboration: Collabora Online
  • Files Versioning: NO
  • Federated Sharing (OCS)
  • Archives: Zip, Tar / Tar.gz support
  • Collaboration: Collabora Online, OnlyOffice, real-time Chat per Cell
  • Files Versioning: YES
  • Federated Sharing: NO


End of Life: 

  • December 2019 for Pydio 8 Community 
  • December 2020 for Pydio 8 Enterprise

See below

Pydio Cells Roadmap

With Pydio Cells, our dev team tries to keep a release-early/release-often approach.

Along with normal bugfixes, performances gains, and small improvements, below is the roadmap for future developments.


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2019 - Q2

  • Groups mutual exclusion (ability to organize users in a way users from one group cannot see users from another group).
  • Stabilize WebDAV - The various native clients (MacOSX Finder, Windows Map Drive etc...) still create edge cases.

2019 - Q3/Q4

  • Rewire existing Desktop tool PydioSync to Pydio Cells
  • OpenID Connect generalization for easier support of SSO (Google Auth, SAML2, etc).
  • Multiple Address Support
  • Windows compilation
  • ARM compilation


  • Federated Sharing API (Open Cloud Mesh)
  • Expand scheduler interface for managing tasks from Admin (currently Rest API only)  
  • Many other features to come... Planning to be discussed with community. 
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