Flexible & Open

Even the best solution is only as good as its ability to meet the specific needs of your business. With Pydio, you do not have to change your policies to facilitate deployment. Our modular and agile solution molds to your structure and rules.

Everything is made of plugins

Every business has had the experience of finding a solution that meets all but a few of the key criteria. With Pydio, you can tailor each functionality easily because everything is made of plugins that can be activated or deactivated based on your business needs -- even on a per user basis.*

Plugins Include:

- Storage
- FS, FTP, S3, etc...
- Identity Management

See our supported plugins list or write your own : the possibilities are only limited by your imagination !

Rest API

Every system administrator has time constraints and wants to connect many systems. With Pydio, optimise your time use by connecting easy via existing Rest APIs.

With Pydio APIs:

- Manage all files operations
- Orchestrate users & workspaces provisioning: all administrative actions are available via the API.
- API is available as a RESTfull https access, or also directly via command line using php-cli on the server.
- See full reference here

Open Source

Every system administrator with responsibility of its company's sensitive data is ever more concerned about secret backdoor access and security vulnerabilities. As a fully code transparent solution, Pydio is public and audited to make sure that your data is fully protected.

Open Source Features:

- Pydio Core
- Standard PHP Stack

Our licenses:

- Pydio Community is licensed under AGPL version 3
- Pydio Enterprise Distribution* is licensed under an End User Licensing Agreement

*Advanced features included in the Enterprise Distribution only, contact us for more information