Legacy Products Documentation

This section keeps references to our legacy and deprecated products documentations.

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Cells v1

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Cells v1 Admin Guide

Administration Guide for Cells v1.X

Previous version of the administration guide. Not so many differences with v2, and you should upgrade anyway!

Cells v1 API

Open API Documentation

This REST Api must be consumed using a JWT token provided by the /auth/dex endpoint.

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Pydio 8 (PHP)

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Pydio 8 Admin Guide

Admin Guide for Pydio 8 (PHP)

Last maintained version of the administrator guide for Pydio 8 PHP. Will be EOL at the end of 2019.

Pydio 8 API v1 & v2

Legacy APIs documenation

Pydio 8 exposes both a REST API and a legacy v1 Api (callable via HTTP and CLI).

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Developer Doc

Pydio 8 Dev doc.

Legacy developer documentation for Pydio 8. For PHP hackers!

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