Using SimpleSAML PHP server as an Identity Provider

Created on 2020/07/01, authentication, cells, enterprise edition, identity provider, saml

This is an example of connecting Cells Enterprise with an open-source saml server. SimpleSAMLphp is written in native PHP that deals with authentication. For more information, please visit this link

Install and configure SimpleSAMLphp server

It's possible to configure SimpleSAMLPhp to serve as a Service Provider or as Idetity Provider. In this how-to, we are going to setup a Identity Provider which provider services to Cells - a service provider.

Following the docs of simplesamlphp, you can easily download source code and setup a web server on a linux box. For demonstration only, a simple authsource is set in simplesamlphp by copying the sample accompanied source code to config/authsources.php. For further information, please visit this link

$config = [
    // This is a authentication source which handles admin authentication.
    'admin' => [
        // The default is to use core:AdminPassword, but it can be replaced with
        // any authentication source.
    'example-userpass' => [
        'student:studentpass' => [
            'uid' => ['student'],
            'email' => [''],
            'eduPersonAffiliation' => ['member', 'student'],
        'employee:employeepass' => [
            'uid' => ['employee'],
            'email' => [''],
            'eduPersonAffiliation' => ['member', 'employee'],

Enable Idp protocol in config/config.php

    'enable.saml20-idp' => true,
    'enable.shib13-idp' => false,
    'enable.adfs-idp' => false,
    'enable.wsfed-sp' => false,
    'enable.authmemcookie' => false,

Configure certificate/key for idp in metadata/saml20-idp-hosted.php

    // X.509 key and certificate. Relative to the cert directory.
    'privatekey' => 'key.pem',
    'certificate' => 'cert.pem',

Add Cells - Service Provider into metadata/saml20-sp-remote.php

 * Example SimpleSAMLphp SAML 2.0 SP
$metadata[''] = [
    'AssertionConsumerService' => '',
    'SingleLogoutService' => '',

Add new connector in Cells

You've done the configuration of a saml server and registered cells with id "". The saml server are able to accept the request comming from you Cells and return back the result of authentication to callback url.