Using Azure ADFS as an Identity Provider

Created on 2020/07/01, active directory, authentication, azure, cells, enterprise edition, identity provider, openid

This how-to shows you how to let users authenticate to Cells Enterprise using the Azure Active Directory Fedaration Service identity platform on Microsoft Azure.

Register cells application in Azure

Please visit this article to register new application on azure. - The redirect URI (or reply URL) for cells application is always in format: https://server.cells.domain/auth/dex/callback - You should create a new "client secret" in "Certificates and secrets" of new registed application

When finished, takes a note on following information: - Directory (tenent) ID - Client Secret - The OpenID Connect metadata document (document link).

In Cells, the metadata url is automatically added ".well-known/openid-confuguration" at the end. It looks like:[tenant_id]/v2.0

Add new connector in Cells

When you finished the registration new app in Azure, go to the admin console of Cells to add a new connector: type "Microsoft"