ACL use cases

Created on 2019/12/18, acl, cells, policy

This how-to will display some real life use cases of the ACL feature.

At the bottom of this page you can find a glossary of all the possible values for the settings.

IP Restrictions

Deny Access on a workspace to a list of IP

This is an example on how to restrict access to a workspace to a list of specific IP, you could apply this rule to Cells, Share links and so on.

  • Create a New Policy (Policy Type: Context-based ACLs you can put a Name and a Description of your choice)

  • Then put default rights (They are mandatory otherwise other users will not have access. It will give read/write to everyone, but with the next rule we are going to filter them to a specific condition in your case IP)

  • Now we are going to define the IP restriction rule, let's add a policy

  • Give it a Label, effect Deny, Actions Read Write (you can set access as you wish) (as seen in screenshot 5)

  • Now add a condition and choose RemoteAddress

  • Then write the condition (it's using JSON)

So basically we want every IP that matches the list to be denied access (read and write as it is defined).

  • Now let's apply this rule (you can choose, user, group or role. (In this example we chose a group)

  • Select the rule (the label was defined in the First Step)

  • Once the rule is selected save the changes

You could also do the opposite of this rule and only give access to a list of IP by using StringNotMatchCondition

Allow access only to a specific IPs/range

  • Create a New Policy (Policy Type: Context-based ACLs)
  • Create the first rule that will Allow Access to specific IP addresses or a range


  "type": "StringMatchCondition",
  "options": {
    "matches": "192.168.2.*"

In this case we want every IP belonging to the sub network to have R/W Access You an add multiple IP/ranges by separating the with a pipe 192.168.0.*||etc....

  • Now define the Deny Access rule. Deny:
  "type": "StringMatchCondition",
  "options": {
    "matches": ""

This rule is just written as a default, Access will be denied to anyone but the addresses set with the first rule

Date/Time Restrictions

REST method Restrictions

ACLs values:


Action Effect Example
Read read a resource for instance with a workspace it means that it's displayed in the list and readable
Write write a resource for instance with a workspace you can upload resources or modify existing resources

Query Context:

Query Effect Description
Remote Address The client's remote address this context is about the remote ip that requests access to the resource (usually a client)
Request Method REST Methods the context will be about a REST method such as (PUT, GET, DELETE, etc....)
Request URI A Pydio Cell's endpoint the context is about Cells Endpoints
Http Protocol this context will be about the http protocol (http/https)
UserAgent The agent type that requests this context is about the UserAgent such as (browsers, mobile apps, etc...)


Type Options Example Description
StringMatchCondition "matches "matches": "" condition is true if there is a match
StringNotMatchCondition "matches "matches": "" condition is true if there is no match
DateAfterCondition "matches" "matches": "2018-02-28T23:59+0100" condition is true if date is after the one defined in the match
WithinPeriodCondition "matches" "matches": "2018-02-01T00:00+0100/2018-04-01T00:00+0100" condition is true if date is within the range of match
OfficeHoursCondition "matches" "matches": "Monday-Friday/09:00/18:30" condition is true if date & time are within the match