cells-enterprise admin license-stats

./cells-enterprise admin license-stats

Load current license statistics



Query running Cells instance to load license statistics. Without arguments, it will output license statistics


Using the --format flag allows you to create your own output using Golang templating. Input data is { ActiveUsers:int MaxUsers:int UsersPercent:int ExpireTime:timestamp ExpireDate:string ExpireIn:seconds } You can for example display a simple percentage using {{.UsersPercent}}% template.

You can use conditions to return an error signal (1) for special cases, by printing the specific ERROR_CODE keyword.

For example:

  1. Return error if users usage is greater than 90% $ ./cells-enterprise admin license-stats --format="{{if gt .UsersPercent 90}}ERROR_CODE{{end}}"

  2. Return error if license will expire in less than 3 days (518400 seconds) $ ./cells-enterprise admin license-stats --format="{{if lt .ExpireIn 518400}}ERROR_CODE{{end}}"

./cells-enterprise admin license-stats [flags]


  -f, --format string   Use golang template to compute your own output
  -h, --help            help for license-stats
  -r, --refresh         Force users computation to be refresh, this can take some time

Options inherited from parent commands

      --broker string                           Pub/sub service for events between services (currently nats only) (default "memory")
      --nats_address string                     NATS server address (default ":4222")
      --nats_cluster_address string             NATS server cluster address
      --nats_cluster_routes string              NATS server cluster routes
      --nats_monitor_port int                   Expose nats monitoring endpoints on a given port (default 8222)
      --nats_streaming_cluster_bootstrap        NATS streaming bootstrap cluster
      --nats_streaming_cluster_id string        NATS streaming cluster ID (default "cells")
      --nats_streaming_cluster_node_id string   NATS streaming cluster node id
      --nats_streaming_cluster_peers string     NATS streaming list of cluster peers
      --nats_streaming_clustered                NATS streaming clustered
      --nats_streaming_store string             NATS streaming store type (default "MEMORY")
      --port_broker int                         Port used to start a broker discovery service (default 8003)
      --port_registry int                       Port used to start a registry discovery service (default 8000)
      --registry string                         Registry used to manage services (currently nats only) (default "memory")
      --transport string                        Transport protocol for RPC (default "grpc")


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