cec mkdir

Create folder(s) in the remote server


mkdir commande creates a folder in the remote Cells server instance. If ancestor folders do not exist and if the 'parents' flag is set, non-existing folders are recursively created.

You must specify the full path, including the slug of an existing workspace: even if 'parents' flags is set, trying to create a folder in an unknown/unexisting workspace will result in an error.

./cec mkdir [flags]


# Simply create a folder under an already existing folder 'existing' in 'common-files' workspace ./cec mkdir common-files/existing/new-folder # Create a full tree ./cec mkdir -p common-files/a/folder/that/does/not/exits


  -h, --help      help for mkdir
  -p, --parents   Force creation of non-existing ancestors

Options inherited from parent commands

  -c, --config string   Path to the configuration file


  • ./cec - Connect to a Pydio Cells server using the command line
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