Workspaces Selector

Workspaces Selector is the building block used to build either Queries or Filters on Workspaces.

Interesting aspect of workspaces are their "Scope": it can be either "ADMIN" (standard workspaces created by admin), "ROOM" (Cells created by users) or "LINK" (public links created by users). Also, please note that the LastUpdated field takes a comparator value (">10d", "<30d" where d is for days").


Label (internal name) Type
Uuid (uuid) string
Label (label) string
Description (description) string
Slug (slug) string
Workspace Type (scope) select, possible values: Any (ANY), Workspace (ADMIN), Cell (ROOM), Public Link (LINK)
Last updated (LastUpdated) string
Has Attribute (HasAttribute) string
Attribute Name (AttributeName) string
Attribute Value (AttributeValue) string
not (not) boolean
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