The semver function parses a string into a Semantic Version:

$version := semver "1.2.3-alpha.1+123"

If the parser fails, it will cause template execution to halt with an error.

At this point, $version is a pointer to a Version object with the following properties:

  • $version.Major: The major number (1 above)
  • $version.Minor: The minor number (2 above)
  • $version.Patch: The patch number (3 above)
  • $version.Prerelease: The prerelease (alpha.1 above)
  • $version.Metadata: The build metadata (123 above)
  • $version.Original: The original version as a string

Additionally, you can compare a Version to another version using the Compare function:

semver "1.4.3" | (semver "1.2.3").Compare

The above will return -1.

The return values are:

  • -1 if the given semver is greater than the semver whose Compare method was called
  • 1 if the version who's Compare function was called is greater.
  • 0 if they are the same version

(Note that in SemVer, the Metadata field is not compared during version comparison operations.)

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