Files/Folders Selector

Files/Folders selector is the building block used to build either Queries or Filters on Nodes.

Node types can be either "File" (LEAF) or "Folder" (COLLECTION). An important note is to always filter out ".pydio" hidden files from your queries.

In the Queries case, depending on the complexity of the query, underlying data loader may directly send request to the internal TreeService or to the Search Engine if metadata are involved. Typically, using bleve-like queries will request the Search Engine, these queries can be built by observing the requests sent by the browser in the main interface Search Engine.


Label (internal name) Type
Absolute Paths (Paths) string
Path Prefix (PathPrefix) string
Size greater than (MinSize) integer
MaxSize (MaxSize) integer
Modified since (MinDate) integer
Modified before (MaxDate) integer
Modification date (use comparison) (DurationDate) string
Type (Type) select, possible values: Any (UNKNOWN), File (LEAF), Folder (COLLECTION)
File name (FileName) string
Content (Content) string
File name or Content (FileNameOrContent) string
Bleve-like search string (FreeString) string
ETag (ETag) string
File Extension (Extension) string
Path Depth (PathDepth) integer
Node UUIDs (UUIDs) string
Not (Not) boolean
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