Pydio downloads

Download the last stable versions of Pydio Cells or Pydio Cells Enterprise.

Once your download is finished, proceed to the Administration Guide to get started. 

Ready to go live ? Download our Security Checklist to make sure your deployment is safe!

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Home Editions

Limited Features - Home Usage - Open Source Freedom
Stable version: 2.1.4

Older Versions
Enterprise Editions

Supported - Security - Compliance - Scalability
Stable version: 2.1.4

Older Versions

For release notes and older versions, see Application Builds page.

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Download our Desktop & Mobile Apps


iOS & Android

Get the iOS / Android native apps to access your files on-the-go from any device!


Windows, Mac & Linux

Get the desktop sync app here:

iOS& Android Apps

Access your files on-the-go for all iOS & Android devices. Access and preview your files, shoot-to-upload, put some files in cache, and synchronize folders locally for when you go offline


Desktop application providing offline synchronisation on Windows, Mac and Linux. CellsSync is working with Pydio Cells, PydioSync is for Pydio 8 only!
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