Synchronization Client

Pydio Sync 0.8.4 for Win, Mac & Linux

Almost one year after the previous version, tons of energy and sweat put into the Pydio server and mobile apps, we are very glad to announce today a new release of the Pydio Sync client. Although still considered beta, this version should be much more stable than the previous one. Please massively test and report issues! Of course, make always sure to backup your data on a regular basis. The application was highly optimized to be able to handle tons of files without crashing. It still requires Java 6 or Java 7 to be installed on the client desktop. We are Read more

AjaXplorer Synchro Client 0.8.3

Announcing a new release of the Synchro Client (Mac / Windows), which gathers a lot of bugfixes for improving stability and performances. Tested on Windows 32/64 bits & Mac 64bit, Linux is still not packaged, any contribution on this would be welcome. More info about the application here. The installers are available on Sourceforge : Please test and report bugs directly on the GitHub issues tracker .