iOS Client

Pydio iOS client 1.6 released

Pydio iOS client version 1.6 released! This version is providing the “swipe-cells” for actions feature, plus a couple of bugfixes linked to the latest iOS updates. This version is probably the last before a brand new version entirely rewritten in Swift. Big up to Michal Svacha who joined the team recently! New Features Swipe the cell left or right for more actions. Tap the cell to open the files. When a file is added to clipboard, proper animation feedback is shown. Added language support for Czech and Slovak. Bugfixes Search bar sets the query as text and not as a placeholder anymore. Read more

Pydio iOS 1.1 released

Glad to announce immediate availability of Pydio iOS 1.1 (legacy app AjaXplorer is updated as well) New stuff in this version iOS7 BugFixes Upload cache problem was preventing uploading more than one file at once Use iOS7 appearance customization – update some icons Rename the file with its original name before opening in external application Uploads and downloads can now be done in background. Quick note: automatically open text files for edition after creation. More info on Enjoy! Pydio Team

iOS Client 2.0 released > New Pydio app is free

Glad to announce immediate availability of AjaXplorer iOS 2.0. Due to App Transfer from one account to another, this update will reset your passwords. If you use a PIN code, you may get stuck and have to reinstall it from scratch. Sorry about that, you should then directly switch to Pydio, which will be the new official App. New stuff in this version iOS7 layout (still some issues to fix, upgrade will be released soon) Thumbnails view Keep Offline for all files Stability and bug fixes. More info on Enjoy! Charles

iOS Client 1.8 released

A new iOS client update is now available on the AppStore : Stability and bug fixes More info on Enjoy! Charles

iOS Client 1.7 released

A new iOS client update is now available on the AppStore : iOS6 regressions fixed  : Welcome back, AjaXplorer legacy users (v3.2.4)! Use the “Legacy Server” switch in the server configuration window to connect ajaxplorer servers <4.X . Many NAS provide these old versions. Full screen is back again, stability on the new split view improved Toolbar reorganization : creation actions (create folder, take picture, pick from camera roll) are grouped in a common “+” button, contextual actions appear in the toolbar not only by long-press Bookmarks: AjaXplorer bookmarks are now available in the application Search: Search engine is now available. Administrators, this Read more

iOS Client 1.6 available

The iOS client update is now available on the AppStore : iPad “SplitView” : reworked the iPad version to display the files list and the previewer in a splitview, much nicer now! iOS6 “emergency” fixes : the previewer was globally broken. Working again, only the full screen is missing, but should come back soon. The “Open In…” button provided by the previewer is back to the standard button (iOS6 implements natively most of what we had previously added). More info on Enjoy! Charles

iOS Client 1.5 available

The iOS client update is now available on the AppStore : Retina launch and icon for new iPad Implementation of the AjaXplorer sharing mechanism for files : “public links” generation and send by email automatically. Plus ability to send the file as attachment directly. “Open with” action available for every files (long press on a file). Fixed security issue if someone can access the device backups More info on Enjoy. Charles

iOS Client 1.4

The iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch dedicated AjaXplorer client version 1.4 is now available on the AppStore. See for mor info. This release includes following changes : New Features Basic HTTP Authentification support Autolock the application with a PIN code. “Pull to refresh” implementation (replaces the reload button) Preloading photos in background when viewing them. Send an image by email New application icon, to reflect ajaxplorer 4 changes. Bugfixes Rotation was not working once in a sublevel Host & label legends were switched Problem when successive copies from external application Session problem when defining two servers with different users