Thunderbird File Link

FileLink for Thunderbird

AjaXplorer FileLink for Thunderbird v1.1 by  Diego Blanco Estévez, available on Mozilla Extensions website


AjaXplorer FileLink for Thunderbird

Contributed by Ultreia Communicaciones, this Mozilla Thunderbird extension allows you to automatically replace large email attachments by generated AjaXplorer public link. It’s based on the Thunderbird FileLink API, and the user can configure the server URL, and the target repository inside which a “Thunderbird” folder will be automatically created.

Big up to Diego who developed it! Download this plugin directly through the Thunderbird Extensions place :


Thunderbird FileLink



With this extension turned on and configured, Thunderbird will automatically suggest the Link to be generated when a very large file is attached to an email. The link is generated and inserted in the body of the email.