iOS Client

iPhone / iPad dedicated client

Dedicated iOS application is available on apple App Store


Even if the standard Pydio web interface does adapt to small touch screens, some basic features are still hard to use inside the embeded Safari. Install the Pydio iOS from the App Store instead, and leverage the built-in capacities of your device to enjoy your files.

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Pydio 1.6

  • Swipe cell for actions

Version 2.1 / Pydio 1.1

  • iOS7 BugFixes
  • Rename the file with its original name before opening in external application
  • Uploads and downloads can now be done in background.

Version 2.0 > New app Pydio

  • iOS 7 support
  • Keep files offline
  • Thumbnails preview in list.

Version 1.8

  • Bug fixes

Version 1.7 – 14/11/2012

  • iOS6 regressions fixed  :
    • Welcome back, AjaXplorer legacy users (v3.2.4)! Use the « Legacy Server » switch in the server configuration window to connect ajaxplorer servers <4.X . Many NAS provide these old versions.
    • Full screen is back again, stability on the new split view improved
  • Toolbar reorganization : creation actions (create folder, take picture, pick from camera roll) are grouped in a common « + » button, contextual actions appear in the toolbar not only by long-press
  • Bookmarks: AjaXplorer bookmarks are now available in the application
  • Search: Search engine is now available. Administrators, this require a server-side indexation engine to be active on the repositories (namely index.lucene, the only one available currently)!

Version 1.6 – 06/10/2012

  • Fixes for iOS6 and new layout for iPad.
  • WARNING : there’s a problem that prevent this version working with “legacy” servers, i.e. AjaXplorer v3.2.4 . This includes a lot of NAS installs (e.g. LaCie), please be patient, we will re-release a version very soon.

Changes in version is 1.5 – 29/03/2012

  • Preview all sorts of files (images, texts, office, pdf, etc…) using iPhone documents previewer, and using the built-in AjaXplorer lightweight thumbnails when possible.
  • Capture media from camera or from library and upload directly to the server!
  • Stream audio / video to your iPhone (server version must be greater than 3.4 for this, otherwise the file be downloaded first before viewing).
  • Edit textual files online
  • Cache arborescences and files data locally : you can download a movie and keep it for later viewing.
  • Open documents from other applications (like Mail) and upload them to the server.
  • And of course, perform standard file actions like copy/move, create, delete or rename.
  • Autolock screen with PIN code for a better security
  • Basic HTTP Authentification support
  • Autolock the application with a PIN code.
  • “Pull to refresh” implementation (replaces the reload button)
  • Preloading photos in background when viewing them.
  • Send an image by email
  • New application icon, to reflect ajaxplorer 4 changes.
  • Bugfixes :  rotation was not working once in a sublevel, Host & label legends were switched, problem when successive copies from external application, session problem when defining two servers with different users
  • And more… See Release Notes for more info.

Release List

Tips & Tricks

  • Auth.remote : if your AjaXplorer installation is using the bridges with external CMS’s for authentification, the configuration maybe a bit tricky but it should still be working. Make sure to read the auth.remote plugins instruction carefuly (the MASTER_XXX options).
  • LaCie users : if you are using the embedded mechanism, there is now a dedicated LaCie MyNAS application on the AppStore, please use it instead of our.
  • QNAP users: if still running AjaXplorer 2.X, this will NOT work! However, upgrading to the new version seems really simple (from what other users report) : leave the QPKG package as is, delete all files in the /Web/AjaXplorer folder and upload the latest version to the same folder.