AjaXplorer 4.2.3 released


Announcing AjaXplorer 4.2.3, a “final” release of the stable 4.2.X branch. It is a bugfix release that should fix various issues reported on the forum. It is not yet an image of the usage survey done during the last weeks, as important changes are now ported to the dev branch (4.3.X). Upgrade is not critical, except if you have some bugs listed in the changelog.

  • License : Affero GPL
  • Copyright : Charles du Jeu 2012
  • Version number : 4.2.3
  • Download : ajaxplorer-core-4.2.3.zip or ajaxplorer-core-4.2.3.tar.gz
  • Install instructions : see the 4-steps installation guide
  • Demo : https://pyd.io/demo
  • Contributors : ultreia, mattlef, rmeske, didier – thanks mates!
  • Upgrade fom 4.2.2 : use the automatic upgrade mechanism  if you are using the ZIP packaging, or your package manager if AjaXplorer is installed via YUM or APT (packages are up-to-date).



  • [Core] Make sure to re-order plugins by dependency before activating them
  • [Core] Link AJXP_SKIP_CACHE to i18n cache as well
  • [Core] CONF WebFTP Template
  • [Core] If recursive errors, use php error_log function
  • [Core] PHPCLI on windows, fix by @rmeske
  • [Core] Put Word, Excel and Presentation files in the core, not only in Zoho plugin
  • [Core] Follow @ultreia suggestion to trim only NULL character after decrypt operation.
  • [Core] Perform an ordering when activating plugins, to ensure a consistent order. Fixes the header of action.skeleton being misplaced.
  • [Core] Logger : fix no IP when called through PHP_CLI
  • GUI : Fix Safari iOS6 Touch events broken
  • [Core] Simple getRemoteContent() function detecting allow_url_fopen, CURL extension, or using HttpClient
  • [action.updater] Use new getRemoteContent() function in action.updater, editor.zoho and shorten.bitly
  • plugins. Should prevent people to miss updates!

Conf & Auth

  • [core.conf] New option in core.conf plugin to avoid autoloading last visited folder at login.
  • [auth.multi] trigger createUserObject() when creating local copy of the user, to make sure the
  • default roles are applied
  • [auth.ldap] turn USER_LDAPATTR to lowercase / Fix the case sensitive userExists() test.
  • [auth.multi] fix getUsersCount() if no USER_BASE is set.
  • [auth.ftp] Disable remember box for auth.ftp, as we cannot store the credentials.
  • [conf.serial] Serial AJXP_USER : catch exception in __destruct() function

Access & Meta plugins

  • [access.ftp] Missing sortType in columns definition prevented sorting
  • [access.ftp] Trigger remote copy (ftp & remote_fs) if USER-AGENT is IOS or Apache-Http (=java)
  • [access.fs] Fix AJXP_LINK on dynamic repositories
  • [access.ajxp_conf] XML Entities on the roleID before sending.
  • [access.fs] Escape chmod to avoid error if operation is not authorized on server.
  • [meta.filehasher] (rsync) filling tmp dir with delta files.
  • [meta.filehasher] Remove rsync actions if extension is not found. Should be interpreted by the
  • client.
  • [meta.git] Fix error when entering Plugins > Meta if VersionControl_Git is not installed
  • [index.lucene] Change default Analyser to be able to search for numbers.
  • [meta.mount] Escape password in Filesystem Mounter (@didier)
  • [meta.quota] For shared folder, a new parameter to skip caching.

Editors & Gui plugins

  • [gui.ajax] JS and css micro fixes (connexion does not display error correctly)
  • [editor.imagick] Fix IMagickPreviewer for remote wrappers.
  • [editor.imagick] Correct headers for pdf thumbs
  • [editor.diaporama] PThumb still had deprecated join() calls
  • [editor.soundmanager] Disable soundmanager if no Canvas
  • [gui.ajax] Apply a style similar to the iconset to the image thumbnails (white border and dropshadow)
  • [editor.pixlr] Node_change not triggered after Pixlr Modif (>git not commited)

Build System

  • Fix build mechanism that was preventing meta.svn and meta.git to be included in debian package