AjaXplorer 4.0.3


This is a bugfix for 4.0 branch, the update is available automatically via the upgrade tool in the application. See the detailed changelog below. Basically it fixes side-effects bugs introduced by the previous release. Next important new features will probably be in the dev branch for a while.

Please refer to the AjaXplorer 4.0 release if you are installing for the first time or want to upgrade from 3.2.4.

  • License : Affero GPL
  • Copyright : Charles du Jeu 2011
  • Version number : 4.0.3
  • Download : ajaxplorer-core-4.0.3.zip
  • Install instructions : see the 4-steps installation guide, or use automatic upgrade in the application.
  • Demo : https://pyd.io/demo


You’ll find below a description of all changes made since version 4.0.2.

 [Fix side effects of previous release]

  • Revert bootstrap_context commited once again with setlocale uncommented.
  • PHPCLI test : detect the disabled functions to avoid ugly error at startup!
  • The open_basedir fix for zip browsing was breaking the zip extension on download.
  • Test glob result in upgrader
  • Locked file could save content even if hook node.before_change returned an exception.

[Access Samba]

  • Make smb access more robust : configure smbclient path, blur credential in debug, get the procopen error stream, etc…
  • Access.smb : handle Windows case for smbclient+cygwin install. Nice!
  • Fix a couple of samba tweaks, plus shared links when using auth.smb/access.smb, may impact other auth.** drivers
  • Update access.smb documentation

[Users number scalability]

  • New options for the ShareCenter : Ability to pass a regexp pattern to AuthService::listUsers()
  • Touch a file in the cache to avoid triggering countAdminUser() if not necessary (ie do it only the very first time). Can be very long when a lot of users!

[Android client redirection]

  • Adapt iOS GUI Plugin for Android as well, ability to set the app url via the configurations.
  • Handle the skipANDROID parameter & cookie


  • Editor.diaporama : defer cache cleaning hook
  • Editor.diaporam : allow the client to ask a specific thumbnail dimension => useful for mobile devices!
  • Make joomla_auth_remote function more robust, when the HTML cannot be correctly parsed by a DOMDocument.
  • Auth.remote MASTER_XXX variable documentation update, along with the website How-To.