• Hi all,

    I have some trouble with my context menu button in Ajaxplorer 5.

    Actually I wish my button to be displayed only on files context menu but it also appears on plugin, workspace label and some others…

    Here are my settings:

    <context selection=”true” dir=”” recycle=”false” actionBar=”false” contextMenu=”true”/>
    <selectionContext…[Read more]

  • Hi Charles,

    So I just finished a basic plugin and the more I develop the more I like it.

    Basically, we have a file naming convention and this plugin will allow our staff to rename a file according to this convention with a few combo boxes and fields.

    So Ajaxplorer will be used by a few people in a first instance to see if it’s suitable for…[Read more]

  • I had a Unknown Parsing Error when I load a plugin in ajaxplorer.

    Because the noNamespaceSchemaLocation argument was not exactly the following: “file:../core.ajaxplorer/ajxp_registry.xsd”, it was “../core.ajaxplorer/ajxp_registry.xsd”

    I tough it might help.

  • Hi Charles,

    Thanks a lot for this software, I am developer in a post production company in london and we are currently testing your nice work to see if we can use it to manage our staff file operations.

    Thanks a lot, I’ll let you know here and there, where we are with your software.

    Have a nice day.

  • I am at the very beginning of creating a plugin.

    I get the following issue with i18n config.

    in the gui I only had ‘not_found’ in the title and text of the gui.

    I needed to remove the cached file en_plugins_messages.ser in ajaxplorer/data/cache/i18n to see the correct value.

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