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Pydio allows you to instantly turn any server into a powerful file sharing platform. Formerly known as AjaXplorer (550 000 downloads in Sept.2013), we are now rebranding and this website is dedicated to the community support.

Gain back control and privacy on your data, reduce your costs, and empower your users with Pydio consumer-grade simplicity allied to enterprise-grade compliance. Pydio deploys on top of your legacy filesystems and instantly connects to your existings users directories. Its plugin-oriented architecture makes it ready for all situations.

Learn, deploy, get support from our great active members! And if you love the software and want to contribute back, the best for us is to have you hanging around and help other people on the forum, or simply share the love on Twitter, FB, etc.

New to Pydio?

Try it online (log in as demo/demo) or install it on your server!

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Pydio in a nutshell

Web Gui - Simple, Sleek, Beautiful.

Simple, Sleek, Beautiful.

Access your docs from anywhere, from any browser.

Most common formats previews.

Native mobile applications for iOS and Android

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The ultimate sharing machine

Share files or folders internal or external users

Create public minisites to publish document lists

Get notified when a file or folder is consulted or modified

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An admin’s heaven

Open source security model.

Users & groups mapped directly from an LDAP/AD

Access existing data sources (FileSystem, (s)FTP, S3, etc), develop your own plugins

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Mature. Scalable. Get HA Out of the box

Nearly 500 000 downloads on Sourceforge.

Plugins into legacy filesystems or modern Object Storage.

Chosen by no less than Oracle or Red Hat Storage as their reference solution, pydio is ready to scale out.

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  • Pydio core 5.2.1
    02/07/2014 Pydio 5.2.1 This is a minor release, fixing issues introduced in last major stable 5.2.0, upgrade is recommended and should be straightforward. D [...]